Changing perceptions of the industry.

Top Quality Services

We work to bring all establishments up to a five star hygiene rating, by assessing and giving impartial advice to benefit you as a customer.

Time efficient

Our passion for the job comes from years of experience working in kitchens and seeing many, not being up to scratch. We resolve this issue by bringing kitchens to the top level of hygiene within a suitable time frame at reasonable prices.

Always Improving

As the market for industrial and commercial kitchens changes over time. We aim to follow by investing in new technologies, and staff training to adapt to the new challenges which lie ahead

Who We Are?

Founded in 2011, Cater-Clean Solutions has developed from a small sole trader business into the company you see today. We provide expert advice, and services dedicated to ensuring the safety and cleanliness of our clients kitchens, vent systems and surrounding areas. We combine our industry expertise, with our impressive equipment, ensuring a finish that we our proud to put our name on.

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