Our ventilation cleaning and maintenance service is completed to the standard set by B&ES (the buildings and engineering services association). We offer a number of services to help improve the air extraction and safety of commercial and industrial vent system.

Percieved Level
of Grease Production
Typical Example Up to 6 Hours 6-12 hours 12-16 hours 16+ hours.
Low No significant production
of grease during normal
daily food production
12 12 6 6
Medium Moderate production
of grease laden aerosols
during normal daily food
production operations
12 6 4 3
High Heavy significant or
continual production of
grease laden aerosols
during normal daily
food production operations
6 3 3 2


  • Filter Cleaning. for free flow of air through the vent ducting.
  • Canopy Hood Cleaning. to ensure hygienic work surroundings and minimize the risk of fire, while also being aesthetically clean.
  • Duct Cleaning. to create fire breaks* within the ducting.
  • Fan Cleaning and Servicing. to ensure longevity and efficient running of the equipment, also the cleaning of the fan acts as a safeguard for any      malfunction which may cause a fire by removing the fuel (dirt and grease).
  • External Cleaning Of Duct Work, Cowls and Louvre's. for hygiene and environmental reasons.

 Fire Breaks* the removal of grease within the ducting. This is effectively taking away the fuel for the fire preventing its spread. Access hatches should be fitted in these areas to provide ease of access for cleaning.

For your reference:

"B&ES - TR/19 7.35 on completion a report shall be issued including the following:

  • The system(s) cleaned.
  • Pre and post clean measurements.
  • Pre and Post cleaning photographic records.
  • Additional works carried out (if any).
  • COSHH data on any chemicals used.
  • Recommendations for future cleaning requirements.
  • A sketch or schematic of the system indicating access panel and testing locations and clearly highlighting any un-cleaned/inaccessible areas with an explanation as to why the area could not be accessed/cleaned.
  • A certificate summarising the cleaning works completed.

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