About our kitchen canopy cleaning

Removing buildup of grease from the exhaust system is the best method to prevent kitchen fires which cause hundreds of injuries throughout the UK each year.

We take great care in kitchen canopy cleaning by using the most effective chemicals to remove all grease and buildup in the exhaust system. Any cleaning done near electrical wirings, such as fan modules, is done by dry cleaning. We then hand polish the canopy to give a pristine finish and further protection from rust or corrosion.

kitchen canopy cleaning


Kitchen canopy cleaning

  • Filter Cleaning. for the free flow of air through the vent ducting.
  • Canopy Hood Cleaning. to ensure hygienic work surroundings and minimize the risk of fire, whilst also being aesthetically clean.
  • TR/19 Cleaning Standards
  • Stainless steel hoods will be polished inside and out

Completion Reports

On completion, a report shall be issued with an overview of the systems cleaned. Pre and post-cleaning photographic records and measurements, including COSHH data on any chemicals used. We will also issue a certificate summarising the cleaning works completed.


TR19 Cleaning Standards

All our kitchen extract and duct cleaning adhere to the current legislation TR19 standards and guidelines set by NAADUK.

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