About our microbiological testing

Microbiological testing (DIFCO/Contact Plates)

Microbiological testing plays a significant role in neutralising harmful bacteria, viruses, yeast and moulds where standard methods often fail. The analysis of swab samples in a microbiological investigation can be an invaluable tool to trace areas which require sterilization from pathogenic microorganisms such as HVAC systems and ductwork, food processors, spiral freezers and hospitals.


Preferred Vacuum Tests (PVT)

The preferred vacuum test method is advised in BS15780 as well as TR19 as the most suitable method for post clean verification of HVAC systems. Our team will collect dust samples from the internal surfaces of the ductwork. The samples are then taken to our lab for analysis, which will determine whether further action is required.

We offer bespoke packages to facilities that require routine sampling such as hospitals, laboratories or food processing plants.

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