About our ventilation install

We're proud experts in air handling, hygiene and odour control catering for all elements of air supply and extraction systems nationwide.

Our specialist engineers install bespoke extraction systems no matter project, size, location or complexity. We use the latest BESA specification for ventilation systems, DW/172 second edition 2018 to ensure compliance with the latest commercial extraction regulations.

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Tailor-Made designs for your premises

A ventilation extraction design can compromise of different configurations and layouts so we will tailor our equipment to facilitate your needs with a bespoke design and installation.

  • Extraction canopy
  • Extractor canopy filters
  • Extraction canopy lighting
  • Extractor ducting
  • Extractor fans and fan boxes
  • Discharge cowls and louvres
  • Noise suppression systems
  • Carbon filtration systems
  • Speed controllers and fan power monitoring systems
  • Gas safety interlock systems
  • Co2 (Carbon Dioxide) monitoring
  • Replacement air systems
  • Odour control systems

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